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County Line Orchard

Fall has finally arrived! We made the annual trip with the kids to the County Line Orchard and it didn't disappoint. It is probably one of the funnest and most popular places here in Northwest Indiana to go in the fall with the family. They have all of the fall favorites: fresh apples galore to… Continue reading County Line Orchard

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How to Get Your Kids to Smile for Photos

I get this question all the time both in general conversations and also during portrait sessions. Honestly, sometimes your kids will cooperate and other times they just won't no matter what you do! I have a deep passion for photographing my children and capturing all of their personality. That includes everything from their infectious laughter… Continue reading How to Get Your Kids to Smile for Photos

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Greenhouse Fun with Free Printable!

If you are looking for the perfect outing for you and your little ones this year look no further than your local greenhouse! We took the kids in the morning when they first opened and had an amazing time looking at all the different types of plants and flowers. Be sure to download the FREE… Continue reading Greenhouse Fun with Free Printable!