Fitness Journey 2020!!!(January)

2019 was an incredible year but 2020 is about to be all about more blessings, good health, transformation and success! My goals include less stress and having more faith….and believing in myself. If you’ve been following along on my fitness journey I satrted in January 2019 and have progressed….slowly but still moving. It’s time for me to take this to the next level and commit to an 80 day program.


I can honestly say that while I love my home workouts: they keep me close to my kiddos and I can show up when and where I want I crave and NEED accountability. I will be continuing my fitness journey with the 80 Day Obsession Beachbody program and with an amazing group of like minded people who will help keep me accountable and on track!


Showing up for myself is the only way I will reach my goals. And when there’s no more motivation or inspiration left….all you have left is discipline. Discipline is a skill and I definitely plan on honing in on this year!


I am grateful for where I have been on this journey, who I have become this last year and I am grateful for who I will be! Ultimately I am in charge of the life I want to build for myself. I want to feel my best and have the energy it takes to raise three kiddos! No one will do it for me but I have the love and support and strength of those who love me and my own mindset.


Join me and follow along on my fitness journey for 2020! I’ll be posting the good, the bad and the UGLY! Each day will be a battle: I know I won’t be perfect but my intention is PROGRESS not PERFECTION. Progress on the inside and progress you WILL see on the outside shining through.

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