Intuitive Eating Tips

The key to eating healthy is simplicity. There is no need for fancy recipes, just clean, simple foods. Simple doesn’t have to be boring either. To help you I’m sharing some great ideas you can easily make any time and my own breakdown of what I ate TODAY!

Meal and Snack Ideas (Keep it Simple!)

Cottage Cheese topped with cantelope and flax seeds

Oatmeal topped with Fresh Blueberries

Boiled Eggs sprinkled with sea salt

Apple slices and Almonds

Plain yogurt topped with berries and almond slices

I have laid out what my day looked like today (see below!):

My Meals Today!

Breakfast: Oatmeal with cinnamon and sunflower seeds

Snack: Vega Organic Protein, banana (frozen), almond milk, blended with NutriBullet

Lunch: Hard boiled egg whites filled with hummus (red pepper mm!), topped with chopped olives and sprinkled paprika; Small side salad (1 tsp of dressing)

Snack: Handful of Almonds and raisins

Dinner: Ground turkey browned and seasoned with Mrs. Dash, taco shells, sprinkled with cheddar cheese and fresh avocado, dash of lime

(This post contains affiliate links! All products are ones I use and love. I only recommend items that I am confident you would love as well! )


Fair Minded Mommy

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