25 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming and I am so excited to share this list of unique and special gift ideas for that special woman in your life! There is something on this list for every one!

25 Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

  1. A new purse/bag, filled with all of her favorite things.
  2. Detail her car.
  3. A gold cuff with her mother’s handwriting on it.
  4. Take a baking class together.
  5. Floral Garden Gift Set with Purple Print (HERE)
  6. Plant flowers for her.
  7. DNA/Ancestery Kit
  8. New set of pots and pans (HERE)
  9. A photo book with stories and photographs from your childhood
  10. Her own cookbook –take all her old family recipe cards and create her own cookbook. A great keepsake that can be passed down.
  11. Old Dutch Copper Canister set (HERE) or Copper Utensil Set (HERE)
  12. Ask your mom to make a bucket list and each year gift her something off that list (an experience, etc.).
  13. Silk Pillow cases (HERE)
  14. Have your kids decorate flower pots with their handprints and date them. Fill them with plants/flowers!
  15. A year’s subscription of Fab Fit Fun! (HERE)
  16. Kitchen Aid Mixer (HERE)
  17. Alexander Del Rossa Womens Fleece Robe (Tons of color options HERE)
  18. Plant a magnolia tree and every year take a picture with her and the grandkids in front of it
  19. Something from TIffany’s
  20. A birdfeeder, personalize with the grand-kids hand prints on it
  21. Pay to have their hair cut and colored
  22. Mother and Daughter Facials
  23. Bath Bomb Gift Set (HERE)
  24. A box full a gardening goodies and flowers, spend a full day helping her plant plants in her garden.
  25. Airfryer with Cookbook Set (HERE)
Happy Mother’s Day!

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