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Social issues and world problems are thriving, or are they? Are today’s problems just a reflection of our history? What, if any, does our concept of time have on our society? What if we never died?

Some of you may have wondered about your ultimate end at some point in your lives, but have you ever wondered what it would be like if you never died?

Trying to imagine a life without end. Initially it sounds enticing, however we could be dealing with some serious repercussions. I imagine we would create an entirely new system of celebrating age and perhaps an even more elaborate coming of age ceremony. As a child you could have no understanding of what living forever truly means. As you got older, reaching age 100, 200, 500 your body would start to deteriorate so much so that you couldn’t even move. Personally, I couldn’t see living an entire millennium in pain and anguish. At what point would a debilitating disease or injury cause me to lose function of my mind, eyes, hearing, or limbs? To become too fragile to even get out of bed, is that a life worth living? What then would be a suitable age to choose to end your life (not talking suicide), if that were a possibility in this “what if” scenario? What if the government were to change into a brutal dictatorship, would you want to live through that? A long life with great health, continued strength and liberty without fear…oh and with all the food, clothing, and shelter and love I would need then yeah, I think I’d like that. But what about those living in abuse, and starvation, or chronic pain? Does living forever sound as appealing to them? Also, there is also the issue of over population. Forever is a long time. There is no measure that can be placed upon it because put simply it is infinite. To me it seems time is a concept that we constructed to understand the order in which things happen. Our human concept of time is microscopic from a cosmic level. Would world problems be looked at in a different light if we all lived forever? Would our love for others and our connections with other human beings be more deeply rooted than it already is? Or would we be more detached?  How would we let go of our loved ones if they chose to leave us? I will leave you with a quote from a marvelous author by the name of Susan Howatch (Wheel of Fortune) “there is no timetable for grief. Grief isn’t a train which you catch at a station Grief has its own time, and grief’s time is beyond time, and time itself…isn’t very important. It’s the English who think time is  a straight line which can be divided up and labeled and parceled out in an orderly fashion, but time isn’t like that, time is a circle, time goes round and round like a wheel, and that’s why one hears echoes of the past continually—its because the past is present; you don’t have to look back down the straight line, you just look across the circle, and there are the echoes of the past and the vision of the future, and they’re all present, all now, all forever. “

Side Note:

If you’re interested in this book Wheel of Fortune by Suan Howatch I admit I was pleasantly surprised. This is a remarkable read and the story kept me intrigued from the first few pages. Yes, it’s long, but in my opinion it was worth the effort. It covers a lot of years and a lot of people, but if you like sagas about highly dysfunctional families, stick with it. Certainly an aggressive editor could have eliminated a couple of hundred pages, but the breadth and depth of the story would have suffered. If you like long but absorbing reads, this will be chicken soup for a reader’s soul.

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