Declutter Your Space: A Kick Start List

You ever clean out your junk drawer and feel like a million bucks afterward? Like you could take on the world or that you’ve accomplished nothing short of climbing Mount Everest? Okay maybe not everyone gets the same feeling I do after decluttering but I’m sure most of you know how great it feels to clean out that small part of your life.

It’s time to look around your house and identify what else is just there…..what’s taking up space and not serving any purpose. Here is a list to help get you started. These are things that you could get rid of right now (toss, donate, recycle, or sell) today!

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old cleaning supplies

toys with missing parts

kids clothes that don’t fit or with holes

games and puzzles with missing pieces

shoes you no longer wear

old bags and purses

toys that aren’t played with anymore

art supplies that aren’t used anymore

chargers that don’t have a device

old magazines

cd cases

unused electronics

socks with holes

clothes you haven’t worn in over 6-12 months

dishes that have been chipped

expired items in your pantry/fridge

I hope this list helps jump start your way to being less cluttered in the new year! Don’t get overwhelmed….baby steps! It doesn’t all happen over night. Try tackling one area a day/weekend. And having a glass of wine in your hand doesn’t hurt either….



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