Faithbox: Grace


Grace, n. undeserved, unmerited, unearned favour.

Of all the things I ever pray for it is always for grace. I always fall short and I am forever undeserving, but somehow God always gives me grace. I was so excited to open up the October Faithbox to find this month’s theme was GRACE!


Faithbox is a subscription service….but before you roll your eyes at just one more subscription box like I did initially take a moment to read more about their cause. I really love that Faithbox goes above and beyond sending you a box of just “stuff”. They challenge you to become a better person with challenges throughout the month such as this one: Show grace to someone who doesn’t “deserve it” this week. Choose anyone at random; a co worker, a spouse, a neighbor, or your own child. Be a true life example of God’s love by showing them grace. 

I am super inspired this month with this box and am already taking a few thoughts away from this week’s scriptures….

Always remember to show grace to yourself. Be forgiving and loving not only to your loved ones, but to yourself too.

Remain humble. Even though your pride over flows you at times grace is undeserving….so humble yourself always.


A few of the items that came in this month’s box that I really am enjoying are the music by For King And Country (Burn the Ships downloadable album), Sparrow House Botanicals soap, and a key-chain/purse charm from Amy Catherine Designs.

If you are looking for some new and uplifting music be sure to check out For King and Country. No seriously. I’m a huge Imagine Dragons fan and they are comparible to their sound and feel but in their own unique way. The kids and I have been JAMMING to them and we really love their spin on this old song you remember singing as a kid…I’ve got the Joy Joy Joy (down in my heart)…… Joy. from this album Burn the Ships.



Another one of the items in the box was a bar of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt & Grapefruit Soap by Sparrow House Botanicals My two year old has completely taken over this bar of soap as she LOVES the smell of it….it smells so good you almost wish you could take a bite out of it! The bath products made by Sparrow House Botanicals are hand crafted by women and survivors of human trafficking. So when you purchase one of these products, you’re investing in lives that are being transformed.




This adorable and fun charm is hand crafted at Amy Catherine Designs. They make great gifts and keepsakes! She even specializes in custom photo charms as well. I will cherish my little charm and be reminded daily I was saved by Grace. You can visit her Facebook page here: Amy Catherine Designs



Overall I am loving this month’s theme. It was unexpected and I am excited to push myself further into my personal spiritual journey. I hope you guys check out Faithbox. I have canceled the majority of my subscriptions and have focused mainly on my top three favorites and Faithbox is one of them! You’re basically subscribing to a monthly themed box that will invest in your SOUL. You cant go wrong with that now can you?! I’m excited to see what new themes they roll out. Check back next month for November’s theme!




Fair Minded Mommy




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