Summer Bucket List


I highly encourage making Summer Bucket Lists this year with your kids! It gets both you and your little ones out of your comfort zones and allows everyone in the family to do activities they are interested in. If there is one thing my kids squabble about its who gets to pick where we eat, the activity or outing. So this is a great way for each kid to think of a few things they would like to do this summer and then combine all your ideas into one bucket list! We actually had a lot of fun making the list and seeing what kinds of ideas the kids were interested in doing.

Here’s our list!

Summer Bucket List


What we did was give each child a sheet of paper and had them sit down and start jotting down at least 3-5 things they wanted to do this summer. Some of the ideas can get whacky and crazy…..and some wouldn’t be realistic for us this year like a Disney trip. But if your in the midst of planning a trip go check out for some great tips on traveling and planning trips with the kids. More specifically if you’re interested in planning a trip to Disney has great tips, advice and follow along for planning the best Disney trip!

Our list ended up having mostly outdoor activities which I was stoked about. There’s still a ton of things we would have liked to do but we also wanted to keep the list age appropriate for our 2 year old. No Badlands trip with the fourwheelers and jeep this summer…Keep in mind you can make a separate list for yourself or just mental note those things you would like to do when the little’s are a tad older and can participate.


So there are a few ways you can create your own summer bucket list. You can throw all your ideas into a jar and pull them at random when your bored or need a weekend adventure. Or you can post an activities calendar and have your kids work toward that activity as a reward by completing their chores for the week. I personally like to know whats coming up so I can prepare and pack the essentials we might need for that outing. I also like to check for coupons and deals that might be going on at the time to get the most bang for our buck! There’s tons of ways to do this, so have fun and get creative!


Fair Minded Mommy

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