50 Things To Do By Yourself


As a mom of three I have found myself longing for time to myself to do whatever I want to do….only to find myself completely at a loss when I have a moment, or  day, to myself. It’s like I have been  a mom so long I have forgotten how to be anything but that. I know I have interests and hobbies and a million things on my bucket list. It’s easy to lose yourself to one thing, like motherhood, when that’s a constant role you fill 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Heck,…it’s easy to lose yourself and not even be a parent. Just getting caught in the every day hustle and bustle of work, errands, and yard work, family drama, etc. Sometimes, if you get that moment to yourself you may not even want to do anything at all but catch up on some long list Zzz’s! But in case you want some inspiration on spending time getting to know yourself again, here are 50 things you can do by yourself:


  1. start your own vegetable or herb garden
  2. spend the day at a museum or art gallery
  3. donate old clothes, books, and items to charity
  4. send a handwritten letter to a friend
  5. paint, draw, sketch or write
  6. ride a bike
  7. give your old dresser a fresh coat of paint
  8. sip a cup of tea and watch the sun go down
  9. catch up on reading a book or your favorite blogs
  10. sleep, doze, or power nap
  11. take photographs of people or places
  12. sign up for a course
  13. wake up early to watch the sun rise
  14. give yourself a spa treatment
  15. rearrange your furniture to give new life to your bedroom or living room
  16. take a drive and enjoy the destination you arrive at
  17. walk the beach and look for treasures
  18. go for a jog or a walk on your favorite trails
  19. go to a park and have a mini picnic
  20. make a list of all the things your grateful for
  21. call an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while to catch up
  22. roll out your yoga mat and try a new rejuvenating yoga routine
  23. go to free concert, parade or festival
  24. try a new recipe baking or cooking yourself something wonderful and new
  25. go to a farmers market
  26. get a massage
  27. go see a movie
  28. purge expired food, medicine, makeup, etc
  29. take a cooking class
  30. eat samples at Costco
  31. organize your closet
  32. go to an open mic night
  33. write a letter to your future self
  34. visit a local animal shelter and play with the animals there
  35. take a bath-one with pink Himalayan salt and rose petals and candles and a cold beverage)
  36. visit a thrift store
  37. lay outside on a blanket and star gaze
  38. people watch (go to a public place, sit back, and enjoy the show) trust me you wont be disappointed
  39. indulge in dessert for dinner
  40. complete a project you’ve been putting off
  41. try anew workout at home or at your gym
  42. go window shopping downtown
  43. go swimming/kayaking/canoeing
  44. get a tattoo
  45. go through old photographs and photo albums
  46. write your bucket list
  47. paint a room in your house
  48. visit a fortune teller
  49. attend a church service
  50. visit a local maze




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