Greenhouse Fun with Free Printable!

If you are looking for the perfect outing for you and your little ones this year look no further than your local greenhouse! We took the kids in the morning when they first opened and had an amazing time looking at all the different types of plants and flowers. Be sure to download the FREE Greenhouse Scavenger Hunt Printable! The kids had a blast finding all the things on the list and at the end of it all we let them each pick out one plant or flower of their own to bring home and plant in their own pot. My son picked out Lemon Grass which essentially looks like grass you could pick right out of your back yard but thankfully it has some benefits too that were fun to look up when we got home! The girls each picked a pretty flower and some lavender plants. The greenhouse has quickly become one of our most popular outings for the whole family. The greenery is beautiful and relaxing and it makes for a beautiful backdrop for photographs. Best of all the greenhouse is perfect for both rainy and sunny days!


Download and print this fun Greenhouse Scavenger Hunt for your greenhouse trip! ❤

Greenhouse Scavenger Hunt Printable!





Fair Minded Mommy

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