Probiotics and Your Health


Stomach Health Issues

About 7 years ago after I had my second child my body seemed to change drastically. While I was having issues going to the bathroom without being in pain I was also suffering from being tired all the time and having stomach aches quite often. Mostly I just chalked it up to just having a baby. Everyone is tired after they just have a baby and may take a few months to get adjusted to a new routine. Well time went on and I just never felt like my self again as far as my energy levels. I had increased bouts of anxiety and not only did it still hurt to go, I was now having bleeding when I went every time. I was suffering from IBS on top of everything else and after years of this I needed to address the issues pronto!


First things first, always get a professional opinion about your health. I sought out the advice of my primary doctor who essentially did several not so fun “exams” down there. When nothing came of that I was ordered to have blood work and a colonoscopy done. The blood work came back okay except for some iron deficiency likely due to the consistent blood loss. The colonoscopy came back normal. So what was I to do? Suffer in silence with this embarrassing dilemma? Basically, yes. I did just that until one day I was sitting in a doctor’s office for a routine visit when we began chatting about a probiotic called Florajen Flora-what? She told me it’s a refrigerated probiotic and it’s pretty much the BEST thing you can do for your health and immune system. That and some highly recommended chewable vitamins by Nature Made.

As a side note Nature Made Vitamins are the only approved vitamin that truly benefits you and has the FDA stamp of approval. Chewables are also much better than the other forms of vitamins because your body absorbs them better. I found that I could get them on Amazon cheaper so be sure to check out the link! Nature Made Multi For Her for all my Momma’s who need an extra boost in their nutrient game!

Probiotics: What do they do?

Probiotics can be found in foods like milk and yogurt. They help send food through your gut by affecting nerves that control gut movement. Some common conditions probiotics can treat are:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Infectious diarrhea (caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites)
  • Antibiotic-related diarrhea
 There is also some research that shows they’re useful for problems in other parts of your body. For example:
  • Skin conditions, like eczema
  • Urinary and vaginal health
  • Preventing allergies and colds
  • Oral health

I purchased these probiotics and about a week into taking the probiotic I no longer had the problems I had been suffering from for YEARS. No more bloating, stomach pains, bleeding, constipation, diarrhea, nausea. It has truly changed my whole LIFE around! I can’t even believe to this day that one little probiotic could have made all these horrible symptoms stop making me miserable. I’ve noticed that while I am constantly exposed to cold and flu germs I don’t get sick nearly as often. I ALWAYS have a bottle in the refrigerator. And if you travel often you can also take them with you and they don’t need to be refrigerated. Their potent little things so they will last even if you can’t refrigerate them for several weeks.

Probiotics for Kids!

After falling head over heals for my daily probiotic regimen they rolled out the probiotocs for kids. I love and trust this brand and knew it would be insanely beneficial  to my little ones. Two of my children who are lactose intolerant and who have severe seasonal allergies, and one who suffers from eczema skin issues. These probiotics worked wonders for them in preventing allergies and colds and eczema flare ups. I know they are getting the good bacteria they need for their digestive systems that they cant get from dairy products. They work beautifully in balancing out their health and the added bonus is that they boost their little immune systems. I would choose these over vitamins any day! Check them out here:

Florajen 4 Kids



Please Note: these probiotics cant be found in the aisles in the store so don’t waste your time looking for them there. You don’t need a prescription but you will have to go up to the pharmacy counter and ask for them because they keep them behind the counter, refrigerated. Personally that only confirms the rest sitting on the shelves out there in the store aren’t as potent.

There’s amazing beneifts from taking probiotics are backed by recent and mind-blowing research. I have attached an interesting read on this research below!

Probiotic Research


(All opinions are my own. I do not get paid for my opinions. Affiliate links through Amazon are attached to this article. Always seek medical care with a physician if you have question and concerns about your health).


Fair Minded Mommy

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