To Quit List

I know we are all very familiar with our “To Do Lists” that we have become accustomed to writing. We write these to do lists for everything; errands, grocery shopping, marketing, work, personal projects at home that need to get done…the lists just go on and on. While I don’t argue that making these lists doesn’t help keep you organized and on task, have you ever considered writing a To Quit List?


On the path to defining ourselves what we stop doing is just as important as the things that we start doing. This concept can change everything for you if you let it. Use these questions to start creating the things you will start saying no to:

  1. Are you passionate about it?
  2. Will this matter in 5 years?
  3. Will it matter in 10 years?
  4. Do you feel called to do this?
  5. Can you benefit from it?
  6. Does it make you happy?

Are you overly apologizing? Add that to the list. Looking up your exes? Add it. Holding back laughter? Gotta stop doing that.

These can help get you started and I promise you, writing a To Quit List can start moving you forward with more velocity than you might have thought.

Here’s my most current To Do Quit List ❤

To quit list (1)



Fair Minded Mommy

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