7 Photography Tips for Beginners


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As a mom of three kids you can bet my Facebook feed is flooded with photos of the most recent lost tooth, bath time fun, play time at the parks, hiking adventures, selfies for days of the kids and me…..and so on! Honestly there’s nothing I don’t love taking photos of! If it can smile or laugh or cry then I’m photographing it! I even find myself taking photos of nature, food, flowers, wildlife…..Honestly photography can be an amazing way to creatively express yourself and show others what truly captures your heart. So if your a beginner or a seasoned vet in the world of photography here are my top 7 photography tips I share as often as I can with other photo clickin’ lovers!

  1. When it comes to composition be aware of EVERYTHING. Your subject, the background….etc.
  2. Change up your subjects. Sometimes the everyday normal things can be beautiful. Leaves, a dog running, a kid splashing in a puddle….
  3. Try out new angles. Don’t be afraid to get down on the floor or crawl on top of tables. My husband often times finds me in the most peculiar positions when I’m photographing for a blog, the kids, or our pets. Now he just shrugs and keeps walking…..its our norm. 🙂
  4. Clouds are your friends! Overcast days offer the BEST lighting.
  5. Experiment and take chances! You can always throw photos in the trash later on.
  6. Candid photos make the best photos. These photos make the most honest and compelling photos. Don’t get too caught up in “posing”.
  7. Ditch the cheesy editing tricks like heavy vignettes and unbalanced coloring in the photo.

I hope these are helpful while you are on your journey to photographing your’s life’s moments, or maybe someone elses! ❤ Below are a few shots I took while we were on one of our many hikes. We live in the woods and often times I am taking my camera along however these were only shot with my Iphone..I think it’s an Iphone 7??? Not sure!







Fair Minded Mommy


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