Trendsend by Evereve

I had heard about Trendsend through other mom’s and decided to give it a try. What is Trendsend? It’s a subscription styling service specifically designed with mom style in mind for those busy mom’s who don’t have a ton of time to shop and style themelves. First you fill out a style profile that tells Trendsend about your style preference, body type, and lifestyle. You can choose how frequently you want to receive a box; monthly, every other month, or quarterly. Once you receive your items you decide what you love and send back anything you don’t! You have 5 days to send back your unwanted items. You can also submit feedback to your stylist which is supposed to help her send you better outfits next time.


The great thing about Trendsend is there is NO styling fee! There are no subscription fees or shipping fees with Trendsend. At the time of your order your credit card is charged $1 processing fee to confirm your card is active. Once you decide what you want to keep the fee is credited back to your account. If you do keep an item then that $1 is credited to your final bill.

One of the drawbacks of Trendsend (for me) was that their clothes are a little out of my normal price range. Tops were $38-$75 and the pants were $68-$175. Okay so actually, a lot out of my price range! Normally I do a lot of thrift store shopping so paying more than $10 for any article of clothing besides a coat is out of my norm. I guess it could be one of those, splurge on mom moments. But even if I don’t purchase anything it’s still fun trying on outfits in my own home!

Once you receive your Trendsend box you have FIVE days to check out and postmark any returned items. Enough time to try the outfits on and see if you like them! To check out you log into your online account on and click “Checkout” next to your current order. Indicate which items you want and which ones didn’t hit the mark. They provide a handy dandy prepaid postage bag that you send back your items in! You can drop this off at any post office or USPS drop box. Place all of your unwanted items in the bag with the packing slip and use the free shipping label to send it back! Pretty simple!

Now to the fun stuff! The type of clothing you will receive in your box are trendy styles that fit the busy mom’s lifestyle. They send anywhere from 2-3 outfits that are based on your personal style profile and include tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories.  One drawback is they do not send shoes in their boxes. I got THREE outfits! Time to pour  a glass of wine and have some fun trying them on!



Everything came packaged in this box. The stickers on the outfits were super cute with empowering quotes for moms ❤ Love little details like that!



Outfit One

Thirty Nine 42- Multi Interlocking Hoop Earrings (cute but i already own a ton of jewelry!)

Braeve- Delilah Border Floral Kimono (Yessss! LOVE!)

Z Supply – The V Neck Tee (love basic white tees but I would never spend that much on one!)

Articles of Society – Heather HW Release Hem Jeans (I loved the fit and feel of these jeans! They were dead on with my sizes in this outfit and the style is totally me!)



Outfit Two

Beloved – Caged Tank (cute and totally out of my normal style. This would be cute as a yoga top too!)

Free People – Striped Cant Fool Me Tee (Sooo soft)

Level 99- Brooklyn Sateen Cargo (great fit and a little stretchy too which I totally dig!)



Outfit Three

Free People – So Easy Tee (This top was adorable and I added my C+I turquoise necklace for a little extra flair)

Paired again with the Articles of Society – Heather HW Release Hem Jeans (Still loving those jeans!)





SO that’s it! Afterward I just put what I didn’t keep back in the posted bag, logged on to my account online and checked off what I kept! I left feedback for my stylist too telling her she did a fabulous job! I pretty much loved everything except the earrings I could have done without!



So ladies! Let me know what you think about each outfit! Let me know too if you are interested in trying Trendsend! My link to sign up is: Trendsend Link

Be sure to use your own refer a friend link if any of your girlfriends try it for 20%. Note: the link expires within 90 days!



Fair Minded Mommy


***Update! One issue I had was that I kept an item but they billed me for a different item in the box, I contacted them and they fixed it right away. Hopefully it was a one time fluke and not something that they have issues with on a regular basis. They’re easy to get a hold of if you have any questions at or 1-877-290-6262, Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm.

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