Splash Pad Essentials

Every year the kids look forward to going to the splash pad. If you have one in your town or close by you know they are the perfect “go to” when you have nothing to do. They are also FREE! So we take advantage of this quite a bit. It’s the perfect amount of fun for the little ones and it’s also great for the older kids to hang out and socialize while I lounge and catch up on some summer reading. Speaking of summer reading if your looking for a new read check out my Book Club!

Because the Splash Pad can provide an afternoon of entertainment and socialization for kids here’s some of my top recommended essentials!


    • A “beach bag” style tote. A must! Something cute and functional like the one I have! This one comes in other designs ❤

Beach Bag With Inner Zipper Pocket – Medium Sized Mesh Cotton Striped Tote Bag & Bonus Phone Dry bag

    • A great book, article, or magazines! NO PHONES! Make this time about catching up on some good old fashion reading and watching your kids run, splash, and play. Last time I took my phone I missed a lot of “Mom! Watch this!” moments and now make it mandatory to not have my phone out or accessible. Check out my Book Club for my top reads!
    • Sunglasses! Gotta fight those UV rays! I always find the cheapest pair I can find because I lose them or my two year old always seems to find them and wear break them.
    • SNACKS. SNACKS. AND MORE SNACKS. Maybe throw a few sandwiches in the cooler just for good measure!
    • DRINKS! Water, Gatorade, juice boxes….! Staying hydrated is key!
    • Sunscreen. SPF 50 or higher to keep those little ones and you free of the damaging sun’s rays. Don’t forget to apply it to the tops of their feet and tops of their ears! You may have to reapply every few hours even if it’s waterproof.
    • Water toys are definitely great to have. I made the mistake of not having any the first couple of times we went and my kids hijacked everyone else’s toys. It’s a great opportunity to teach them all about sharing but it’s nice to have them handy to keep the little ones busy. We picked ours up at Walmart or the Dollar Store.
    • Beach Towels! Maybe you want to bring a couple extra in case your towels get soaked. My littlest one loves dragging the towels into the splash pad area and getting them soaked.  Beach towels are always ridiculously expensive. Luckily, Walmart again saved us tons of money on these. They can be found in the regular towel aisle. Don’t get sucked into paying double for the beach towels they advertise in the summer fun/beach toy aisle. You can easily save yourself several dollars in this area!
    • Little Swimmers! Definitely don’t forget these if you have a little person who isn’t potty trained yet!

Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swim Diapers, Swimpants, Size 4 Medium (24-34 lb.), 18 Ct., with Huggies Wipes Clutch ‘N’ Clean Bonus Pack (Packaging May Vary)

  • Small amount of cash/change because you know that Ice Cream Truck is going to show up and you don’t want to be the Uncool Mom.
  • Waterproof bag/wallet. I know I said no phones but if you want or need to keep yours handy I have heard great things about these waterproof cases! These are pretty cheap for a 3 pack! That way everyone can keep their phones dry.

Mpow Waterproof Case, New Type PVC Waterproof Phone Case, Universal Dry Bag for iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/ Galaxy/ Google Pixel/ LG/ HTC (3-Pack Blue Orange Green)


Lastly, HAVE FUN!!!!!


All opinions are my own. Affiliate links available in this post may allow me a small profit from purchase. Thank you for reading and supporting my passion! ❤


Fair Minded Mommy

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