DIY Foldover Clutch

Hi lovelies. ❤ Let’s get started on this adorable and trendy foldover clutch!


Sewing involved: Novice Level.


5/8 Yard Fabric | You can make this out of any medium weight fabric and even home decor fabrics too.
5/8 Yard Lining Fabric | Again you can use any lightweight lining fabric or quilting cotton for fun prints.
1/2 Yard Heavy Weight Fusible Interfacing |Found mine at Hobby Lobby and it is easy iron on.
16″ or 18″ Zipper | I prefer long zippers so the zipper pull stays out of my way.


All of my items I got from Hobby Lobby. You can go on different days and use your 40% off coupon to save!


Cut TWO 15″ x 18″ pieces of fabric.


Cut TWO 15″ x 18″ pieces of your lining or heavy weight fabric.


Cut TWO 13″ x 16″ pieces of fusible heavy weight interfacing.

Fuse your interfacing to your main fabric pieces (not your lining) centering it.


Note: We attach the zipper to the shorter sides (15″) Open your zipper and sandwich your zipper in between one fabric and one lining piece. Pin layers together. Make sure your zipper is face down on the fabric and the wrong side of the zipper tape is facing the lining (as shown).


Sew through all layers using your zipper foot and make sure your layers stay aligned…pin, pin pin!


Now open it up so you can stitch close to the edge on the lining side…. This will avoid the lining catching when you open the clutch. Iron the material down.

Attach the other lining and fabric piece the same way to the other side of the zipper tape.

Open up the layers and lay lining pieces right side facing and fabric pieces right sides facing. Open up your zipper about 4″ before pinning all around.

Sew all around stoping 2″ in and leaving an opening for turning as shown above. Stop at the top same as you did for the for fabric pieces.

Use the opening in the lining to open the zipper all the way and to pull your fabric through the opening to get it right side out. Cut off excess zipper.


Press your seam allowance for the opening and sew it closed…stitching close the edge.

Stuff your lining inside your bag, give it another press and you are done! I attached an (optional) tassel to the zipper with leather cord. Fold it over and rock it.



Fair Minded Mommy


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