Bun Cuff Hack!

As a mom of three I am always short on time when it comes to my own hair and makeup. By the time I’m able to slap a little bit of makeup on I generally give up on styling my hair and just throw it up in a the old ‘Mom Bun”. I really need to look polished when I rush into work so in order to take the “I just rolled out of bed, messy bun” look up a notch I throw in a Bun Cuff!

What is a bun cuff you ask?




It’s also the easiest way to take your look from drab to fab. Yep. I said that.


IMG_3075 (1)

You could even wear it in the half up top knot bun or as a pony tail cuff. Depending on how thin your hair is you may need to take that into consideration when finding a cuff bracelet for your hair!



This cuff was perfect because it can be closed tighter if I need to. I found this little cutie at our local pharmacy store, aka CVS!



Or just wear it as a pretty bracelet or layered with your other bracelets on those days you actually have time to style your hair! ❤





Fair Minded Mommy

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