Fair Minded Mommy is a blog to inspire fellow moms through their journey in motherhood. Founded in 2016 by Sierra Sowards, an artist/creator and business mompreneur who resides in Northwest Indiana, shares her creativity and enthusiasm for all things she is passionate about including family, parenting, and entrepreneurship. Sierra pursues a career in passionately helping victims of crime and also pursuing her passions and creative energy running two businesses at Wild Bird Boutique  and Wild Bird Photography. Here is where Sierra  is able to connect with other mom’s who struggle like her day to day. A place to have a platform to communicate and to offer interesting content, advice, personal growth, tips and positivity to her fellow moms.


Hey mommas! I am so glad you are here! The topics change daily but one thing is for certain; you will find inspiration, friendship, honesty, and some laughs along the way. Mama to three and a wife. I have known and struggled for many years with juggling a marriage and running a household for three little ones, anxiety, overwhelm, and poor self care. I have struggled with menus, budgeting, cleaning, crying babies, and more! But how amazing would it be if moms supported each other by sharing our talents and knowledge, passing it along to our fellow momma’s who may be struggling in a certain area? On that note: I believe in sharing positivity and inspiration to everyone, no matter what our differences. I believe strongly in creating a life you love, and furthermore, that doing so can be amazing to share with a community of other women!  Whether you’re a stay at home mommy or a career mom there is something here for everyone. From nutrition, mom hacks, self care, and everything else in between this is my personal place built to support my fellow momma’s! I hope we can build lasting friendships and a strong community, banding together what we know to build an ultimate mom group of grace, love, and support. Welcome to FairMindedMommy!